The following vehicle is available with a supplier in Japan for 3,000,000 yen FOB.  

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Product Spec Sheet for BNR32 GTR Chassis number:    BNR32-217533

The car is one of two drag cars owned by the seller who completed current modifications to the vehicle in about October of last year. You’ll find the best lucky 88 app here, you have time to get it!
It has had only quarter mile 4 runs so far this year and has recorded rear wheel HP dyno power ratings of:

1,077 at 2.4 bar of boost
and 1,000 at 2.0 bar of boost.  

Engine Modifications:

·        33 GTR N1 RB26 Block bored / upgraded to 2.7
·        HKS Kyushu special head
·        Racing spec head stud bolt assembly
·        Dummy head boring
·        Enlarged ports
·        HKS (89mm) Pistons, Crank (full counter) and Con Rods (TypeH)
·        HKS crank damper (ATI)
·        NISMO racing spec timing belts
·        HKS step 3 camshaft (in290,ex290)
·        HKS metal head gasket
·        HKS heavy duty valve springs
·        HKS heavy duty guides
·        Racing spec retainer
·        JUN big valve intake
·        HKS racing metal housing
·        HKS racing spec oil sump
·        Special modified oil pan
·        HKS oil catch tank
·        HKS collector tank
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·        HKS cam pulleys X2
·        GT 3240 X 2 turbos
·        HKS racing exhaust manifold(45diam)
·        HKS developed suction pipes
·        1000cc injectors X6
·        Bosch Twin Fuel Pumps
·        HKS racing waste gate X2
·        Hand made special surge Tank (100diam)
·        HKS Intercooler (O/Size – 4 core)
·        HKS Oil Cooler
·        HKS twin power spark plugs
·        HKS F Con V Pro CPU with mixture controller
·        HKS EVC RRO
·        HKS ETC and EDA
·        Infinity Throttle Body

Other Modifications:

·        HKS Version 1 gear box (Purchase cost was 1.05 million yen) USA spec – rated to 1,500bhp
·        Cs quick shift
·        HKS Triple plated clutch (Rated to 1,200bhp)
·        NISMO front differential
·        CUSCO rear MZ tpye RS LSD differential
·        Modified final gear
·        CUSCO upper arms
·        K spec drag damper set
·        CUSCO front and rear stabilizers
·        NITTO 5555 front and rear Tyres
·        Muffler is 100 diam. Stainless all the way back with rear muffler or final stage made from Titanium.
·        Vehicle Mass is only 1,300kgs
·        GTR brakes
·        GTR N1 spec disc rotors
·        Racing spec brake pads
·        R33 TypeM power steering assembly
·        HKS racing spec drive shaft
·        Risto line lock